IM2009 will feature state-of-the-art panels from leading experts in their fields. All panels will address highly important and relevant subject areas of systems, network, and service management. IM2009 is hereby soliciting panel proposals that will be evaluated by the IM2009 Technical Program Committee.
A panel proposal and the actual running of that panel at IM2009 should abide by the following guidelines:

  • Panel Titles need to be in the form of a provocative question. The title accompanied by a panel abstract which includes a description of the issues tor be addressed by the panel needs to be agreed with the Panel Chairs.
  • Final panel titles, panel descriptions and participants must be completed by the Notification of Acceptance date.
  • The panel description should be limited to 100 words.
  • Our goal is to have highly interactive, technical debates about issues of the day for OSS specialists. Passion in the speakers is an asset.
  • Panel Session are 100 minutes in length.
  • The total number of panelists plus the Panel Chair should not exceed five people.
  • The Panel Session Chair may wish to participate as Speaker/Panelist. However Panel Chairs should note that if they speak it may be difficult for them to be neutral in the handling of questions and comments.
  • The optimum number of Presenters/Speakers is 3 to 4.
  • We would suggest that the introductory material to the panel and from each speaker should be kept to a minimum.
  • We also suggest that each panelist be limited to 5-7 slides to encourage them to focus on the panel subject.
  • The Panel Session Chair should be prepared with a set of questions for the panel participants. While many questions are expected to come from the audience, questions by the Panel Session Chair can help the panel stay on track and move the discussion forward.


If you are interested in organizing a panel at IM2009, or if you have any idea for a panel, please contact the IM2009 panel co-chairs:
      Jorge Lobo, IBM, USA (jlobo@us.ibm.com)
Ritu Chadha, Telcordia Technologies, USA (rchadha@telcordia.com)

Important Dates:
   November 1, 2008: Deadline of Panel Proposals
   November 15, 2008: Notification of Acceptance
   January 12, 2009: Final Camera Ready Due